Privacy Policy

A. About this site
This is is created to promote AIT activities using online platforms. This is the main public facing website of the Asian Institute of Technology (AIT) Promotion Team. The content is managed and maintained by the AIT Promotion Team with support from individual offices, and with overall technical support from the AIT Helpdesk.
Pages and folders within this site have addresses that look like this:

B. Website Policy
This website policy is about the PROMOAIT website.

C. Privacy Policy
The PROMOAIT website is not designed to automatically collect personal email addresses, phone numbers, birth dates or personal information like marital status or orientation or nationality. Personal information such as Name, Email, Line ID, Phone number, and other information would be collected depending on the promotional campaign but subject to agreement by the website visitors. However, the collected information will not be shared for any third party and the users can opt-in or opt-out any time.  PromotAIT website uses Google Analytics, Google Search, Facebook Pixel and Analytics to track the website visitors for the purposes of improving web content management and analyzing ads campaigns. However, such information will not be given to any third party.